Do you know that everywhere in the world, storage terminals hold products that require special attention: Oil. Gas. Chemicals. Bitumen. Plus all kinds of other liquids and half-solids. Many companies do not have their own tankfarm and/or warehouse facility and chose an outsourced solution.
Having a storage facility can bring a lot of extra work, especially when this is not your core business. We create solutions that can save your company time, risk and resources.

With a total capacity of 3,170,153 m3 and above, we store and load various grades of petroleum products for our customers. Using segregated tanks equipped with world-class filtration, purification and monitoring systems, we safely store and discharge the cleanest fuels for private and state oil companies, refineries, petroleum companies, mining companies and petroleum traders.

With history of decades on sustainability, Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company ensure safe, efficient and clean storage and handling of petroleum products for our customers. We operates global network of private fuel storage tanks and blends at strategic locations in USA – Houston, TX, Rotterdam – Netherlands and other part of Europe.

By entrusting the storage of petroleum products to our service provider, you receive:

☛ Wide range of individual fuel storage tanks,
☛ Absence of mixing of different types of oil products due to fuel supply through separate pipelines,
☛ Preserving the quality of your products,
☛ Convenient equipped entrance for motor transport,
☛ Favorable terms of cooperation,
☛ Operational release of oil products,

To accept petroleum products for storage it is necessary to conclude a storage contract. With the terms of the contract of storage you can find below in the section of the standard contracts.

The management of Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company clearly and resolutely supports the implementation of this policy. We look forward to the support of all employees and others working for us to earn our customers’ trust due to the outstanding performance and quality of the services provided in our tank farms. Capital Tank Storage And Terminal directly and through our stakeholders, we have experience in managing facilities floating storage facilities and bulk terminals. we have managed storage facilities for many companies including large multi national oil companies.​ Over recent times, we have worked widely with industry regarding development prospects and have consulted on numerous projects relating to the operation of tank farms, site conditions, loading facilities, tank upgrades, building of new tanks, etc.​ Most organisations have terminal facilities as a need to support their core activity and as such do not necessarily have the in house skills and expertise to operate a bulk storage terminal to its optimal requirements, including all the legislative requirements.

Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company is among the top operators of petroleum tank storage with various storage capacity with our continuous partnership with other major petroleum tank storage providers in Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands and with bulk liquid cargo storage facilities. The products we handle at our terminals includes but not limited to Aviation Kerosene, Jet Fuel A1, JP54, Heavy, and Light Diesel Oi (D2), Gasoline, Mazut M00-75/99, Petroleum Coke, Crude oil, Virgin Fuel Oil (D6), Chemicals.


Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company has active in tank storage logistics, and is among one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide with highly qualified in tank storage and shipping logistics, we are organization with a vision to be number one among other best companise, we serve our customer satisfaction the shows our priority, and we guarantee 100% commitment in storage, shipping delivery.

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