Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company is among the top operators of petroleum tank storage with various storage capacity with our continuous partnership with other major petroleum tank storage providers in Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands and with bulk liquid cargo storage facilities. The products we handle at our terminals includes but not limited to Aviation Kerosene, Jet Fuel A1, JP54, Heavy, and Light Diesel Oi (D2), Gasoline, Mazut M00-75/99, Petroleum Coke, Crude oil, Virgin Fuel Oil (D6), Chemicals.

Capital Tank Storage And Terminal has many years of experience in the preparation and implementation of large-scale, interdisciplinary projects. With tank storage facilities located in Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, Capital Tank Storage And Terminal is competent to carry out project management tasks as a premier consultant. The effectiveness and quality of the project is greatly enhanced by the optimization of management functions. If the client wants, the company takes full responsibility for project management. Storage units for tank construction, farm tank and consulting services for the transportation and delivery of hydrocarbons / oil and gas projects are one of the company’s main lines.

Capital Tank Storage And Terminal recognizes that customer satisfaction is paramount to its success. We strive for the safe and efficient storage and transshipment of petroleum and petrochemical products with minimal losses in product volume or changes in product quality. In order to achieve this, we: perform all operations in a safe and customer-oriented manner in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and regulations. To treat all customers equally and provide the same high level of service. Maintain a systematic, up-to-date and well-documented quality management system. Treat all customer interests, including information about the product specification, in a strictly confidential manner.

Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company has wide and long experience working with fuel oils. Based on this and in combination with our specialized testing work, we have deep understanding of fuel composition and the operational difficulties that may be encountered. When required by clients, our Technical Advisers are able to assist in trouble shooting by visiting the vessel to discuss the case with ship’s staff and to provide support in investigations as well as collection of information and evidence during inspection of the installation.

Our Terminals Logistics Opperation

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Cargo Handling, Logistics & Sea Shipping

Pipeline Transportation

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Trucks Transportation

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Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company has active in tank storage logistics, and is among one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide with highly qualified in tank storage and shipping logistics, we are organization with a vision to be number one among other best companise, we serve our customer satisfaction the shows our priority, and we guarantee 100% commitment in storage, shipping delivery.

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