About Us


Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company is a safe harbour providing safe and efficient handling of oil storage and logistics and distribution solutions, and has been in operations for decades.storage, shipping delivery.


Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company is a leading independent oil storage and transshipment company that owns and manages storage tanks, distribution and logistics system of petroleum products, natural gas, dry and liquid bulk cargoes. Founded for many decades, the Company has an extensive experience in the medium-sized business and staffs above 200 employees. Capital Tank Storage And Terminal provides advanced energy services in the USA – Houston, TX, Rotterdam and other part of Europe ports. The company has dedicated fleet of partners to ensure that the increasing demand of petroleum and petrochemical products currently in the world is met. We believe in clear communication based on honest and sustainable business because we care deeply about our clients and profession. This is the standard that we live and breathe to ensure our clients get a worry-free consistent service. Our goal is to be America’s leading forwarder that feels like an extension of your company; your right hand in logistics.

Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company is a dynamically developing holding company, comprising assets in petroleum tank storage and shipping logistics. Our geographic footprint is steadily expanding, along with the ever growing number of our clients. We are constantly working to modernize our assets, develop storage business partnerships and improve our management structures and processes. We aim to maximize the reliability and efficiency of our tank storage business. Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company considers each joint project and each contract as a new step to further development both for ourselves and for our clients.

Customer focus , Trust and Openness

Targeted customer focus is our competitive advantage and a condition to our work. We always try to exceed clients’ expectations, just as We promote respectful attention to each other and we are open for our partners and clients. Striving for excellence: Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company supports self-improvement for employees, and considers every cooperation and partnership as a step to a continuous personal and professional development.

Our Storage Reliability

For years ago, Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company has been in provission of petroleum tank storage and logistics services, based on best business models, permanent monitoring and market analysis. This helps us improve business processes and increase the number and the petroleum tank storage quality of services. Our clients are the largest international companies, our partners can be found almost in every country and our clients – in every part of the world. We strive to recruit candidates that share our values of team work: involvement, efficient collaboration and spirit of pioneering. Our team is diverse and unique, every person is a unique personality.


Capital Tank Storage And Terminal Company has active in tank storage logistics, and is among one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide with highly qualified in tank storage and shipping logistics, we are organization with a vision to be number one among other best companise, we serve our customer satisfaction the shows our priority, and we guarantee 100% commitment in storage, shipping delivery.

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